SHAZ CRM system is a complete software package having end-to end functionality of Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) and Data Archiving System. SHAZ CRM system is primarily designed and developed to facilitate users to manage their customer’s information and pre-sales and post-sales follow-ups and other detail of correspondence. System is capable to prompt automatic reminders to its users related to scheduled and pending meetings and follow-ups. Management can easily monitor and track their employees’ daily activities including their follow-ups and business performance as well.

Customer Management

SHAZ CRM System is having a complete module to record, manage and maintain the information about customers’ profiles capturing the comprehensive detail about same. Personal Information, Contact Details, Professional Detail and Customers interests are captured while creating a customer profile.


In this module, mainly correspondence with customer is recorded, retrieved, logged and reviewed by users. Following few prominent features are listed here.

  •  Starting New Lead
  •  Follow-Up with customer
  • Schedule Next Follow-Up
  • Follow-Up Channels are categories in Email, Call, Whatsapp and Meetings
  • Schedule Meetings with Customers


This module is mainly focused on business, being made by sales persons so system would be able to compile reports related to their performance. System has provision to record the information about the deals/business which is earned by employees. Management will be capable to compile reports based on products, employees and tenure as well.

Activity Watcher & Reminder Service

This service is mainly aimed to continuously watch and monitor the employees’ activities so that management can monitor and evaluate their work efforts to produce business. Following are the main functionalities of this service.

  •  Logging each follow-up, lead and business transaction of each employee
  •  Displaying a Dashboard to each Employee having complete detail of his/her activities
  • Dashboard for Management Containing Complete Detail about overall activities being done in business
  • Prompting Automated Reminders to Users about their upcoming scheduled follow-ups
  • Reminders about app pending follow-ups


In software implementation, setting up initial or previous data is always a challenge which definitely put the implementation on risk or it makes end users work quite hectic in initial phase. Due to this utmost situation, SHAZ CRM system provides several utilities to import different types of initial or previous data into system from excel or other supported formats in on-click fashion. Few such kind of utilities are mentioned here.

  • Customers Profile Import Utility
  • Follow-Up Import Utilitiy

Security & Administration

The security module defines the high level security to the system. Permissions are granted to user with layered approach and accordingly user is allowed to access and use features of system.

  •  Super Users
  •  Limited Users
  •  Transaction Level Security (VIEW,ADD,MODIFY,DELETE)
  •   Report Level Security (VIEW,EXPORT,PRINT)