The SHAZ Micro ERP system is a fully-integrated ERP solution for Trading, manufacturing, Service Rendering, Construction and distribution organizations. Designed to facilitate industry best practices, SHAZ Micro ERP includes comprehensive software functionality to manage the enterprise’s complete business operations.

The SHAZ Micro ERP system delivers fully-integrated sales order management, procurement, inventory management, warehouse management, financial management, asset management, customer relationship management, business intelligence, human resource management, payroll management, POS and manufacturing management software functionality in a single ERP system with both windows and web user interface. Furthermore, SHAZ Micro ERP’s underlying architecture is flexible, customizable and configurable by design, enabling organizations to implement the system to meet their unique business process requirements.

Unlike many ERP systems, SHAZ Micro ERP is exclusively developed, sold, implemented, and supported directly by Sanisoft Information Technologies. This enables Sanisoft Information Technologies to deliver direct, unsurpassed ERP software solutions and services to its customers. Leading manufacturers and distributors select SHAZ Micro ERP to streamline business operations, increase bottom-line profitability, and gain a strategic competitive advantage. Discover SHAZ Micro ERP.

General Trading

General Trading Module is primarily developed aiming to meet the requirements of trading industry. It contains all features to execute all business transactions involved in trading business from purchase to sales. Below is list of few most common features of this module.

  •   Items Management
  •   Customers & Vendors Management
  •  Purchase Requisition
  •   Purchase Quotation
  •   Purchase Order
  •   Item Receipt Note
  •  Vendor Payments
  •   Purchase Return
  •   Item Return Note
  •  Sales Quotation
  •   Sales Invoicing
  •  Item Delivery Note
  •   Customer Receipts
  •   Sales Return
  •   Item Receipt Note(Sales Return)


Production module is mainly designed and developed to automate all business process involved in a manufacturing industry business. It is set of all features related to product costing, job costing, planning and execution phase of manufacturing business. Few prominent features of this module are listed here.

  •   Product Costing
  •   Job Costing
  •  Issue Material
  •   Material Return
  •   Production Planning
  •  Job Execution
  •   Quality Control
  •   Packing


Since financial transactions and book keeping is always an important task of any business so accordingly Finance module of SHAZ Micro ERP is designed to support all accounting transactions in compliance with any industry’s procedures and patterns. Following few transactions are listed here.

  •   Ledger creation
  •   Cash Receipts
  •  Cash Payments
  •   Bank Deposit
  •   Bank Payments
  •   Journal Voucher
  •  Debit Note & Credit Note
  •   Inter Bank Transfer
  •   Letter of Credit (LC)
  •  Issue Cheque
  •   Receive Cheque
  •  Ageing Analysis
  •   Budgeting
  •   Bank Reconciliation

Asset Management

Asset Management module consists of all provisions to manage any kind of assets, accompany is holding irrespective of their nature or any other criteria. This module covers all features required to purchase, use and dispose of assets.

  •   Asset Creation
  •   Asset Depreciation
  •  Asset Maintenance and Services


Construction module is comprehensive set of all options and features which address the all requirements of a construction business. The module covers all business transactions and procedures of this industry to execute efficiently in an automated fashion. Here few of those options are lined out.

  •   Project Management
  •   Bill of Quantity (BOQ) with Costing & Pricing
  •  Contract
  •   Project Scheduling
  •   Project Wise Resource Allocation
  •  Project Progress
  •   Initial Payment Certificate (IPC) / Invoicing
  •   Automated Mechanism to Manage Retention & Advance for Clients & Sub Contractor
  •  Customer Receipts
  •  Sub Contractors
  •   Payment Certificates
  •   Project Costing
  •  Material Requests and Daily Site Report

POS (Point of Sales)

POS module is mainly developed for retail industry involved mostly in counter sales. This module is end to end integration between all processes involved in retail based sale using multiple terminals, multiple branches, multiple shifts as well. Here are some features listed down.

  •   Counters Management
  •   Discount Vouchers Companies
  •  Employee Shift Management
  •   Sales Invoice
  •   Sales Return

HR & Payroll

HR and Payroll system is combination of all options and features to manage HR and payroll related tasks in an organization.HR module covers all features required to manage employees data across the hire-retired phase meanwhile Payroll module consists of all features to automate all steps involved in payroll compilation and payments. Few features of these modules are listed here.

  •   Employee Management
  •   Shift Management
  •   Holidays Management
  •   Roster Management
  •   Attendance Management
  •   Leave Management
  •   Annual Leave & Leave Salary
  •   Salary Structure
  •   Salary Processing
  •   Over-time Calculation
  •   Loan & Advance Manage
  •   Appraisal


Inventory module is designed to maintain, monitor and control the inventory stocks for any industry in the market so accordingly it consists of all features.

  •   Store and Store Location
  •   Inter Store Transfer
  •   Stock Adjustments

Services & Consultancy

Since the nature of Service Consultancy business is different from a normal trading or manufacturing business so accordingly this module is explicitly designed and developed to meet the requirements of this industry. Following features can be found in system included in this module.

  •   Quotations
  •   Invoice
  •   Resource Allocation to Client/Services
  •   Resource Replacement and Return
  •   Contract Closing and History
  •   Resource Availability and engagement

Packaging & Movers

Packaging and Movers module is aimed to automate this industry business to execute all processes in a systematic way to get the efficacy and security. System’s some important features are mentioned below.

  •   Customer’s Enquiry
  •   Survey Report
  •   Quotation Preparation
  •   Quotation Approval/Refusal
  •   Surveyor’s Calendar
  •  Jobs Calendar
  •   Job Execution
  •   Job Costing
  •  Invoicing

Laundry Management

Laundry module is primarily developed to automate the business process of laundry industries. This module makes possible to execute all business transactions involved in this business a real time way. Few prominent features are listed here.

  •   Branch Management
  •   Factory/Washing Unit Management
  •   Multiple Collection Center
  •   Stock Movement between Factory to Collection Center
  •   Billing to Customer
  •  Branch Wise Sales & Profit
  •   Cloth Tracking Mechanism
  •   Barcode Support

Tourism Management

Tourism Module makes possible for user to execute all tourism industry related transactions in system which defiantly helps them to get the business process more reliable, efficient, secure and real-time as well. Following is list of some main features of this module.

  •   Hotels Management
  •   Services Management
  •   Agents Management
  •   Permanent & Walk-in Customers
  •   International & Local Booking
  •  Individual & Group Packaging
  •   Quotations
  •   Itinerary Management
  •   Invoicing
  •   Receipts from Customers

Transportation & Garage Services

Transportation and Garage Services module contains is developed to meet the requirements of the same industry. Transportation features covers any type of transportation industry where is garage services module is having all options to address the requirements of the same industry. Along with the support for both industries, this mode contains features related to inventory and tire management as well.

  •  Transportation
    • Material & Services
    • Customers & Suppliers
    • Vehicle Management
    • Local Purchase Order (LPO)
    • Trip Management
    • Vehicle Renting-In / Renting-Out
    • Sale Invoicing
    • Customer Receipts
    • Purchase Invoicing
    • Supplier Payments
  •  Garage Services
    • Permanent & Walk-In Customers
    • Billing
    • Vehicle Parts Management
    • Sale Invoicing
    • Customer Receipt (Bill-Wise & Invoice-Wise)
  • Tyres Tracking System
    • Tires Management
    • Tire Purchase
    • Issue Tire to Vehicle
    • Tire Retreading
    • Tire Replacement
    • Tire Disposal
    • Tire Return to Stock
  • Inventory & Fuel Management System
    • Fuel Source (Fuel Station, In-house)
    • Fuel Card Management
    • Fuel Purchase
    • Fuel Issued to Vehicle

Security & Administration

The security module defines the high level security to the system. Permissions are granted to user with layered approach and accordingly user is allowed to access and use features of system.

  •  Super Users
  •  Limited Users
  •  Transaction Level Security (VIEW,ADD,MODIFY,DELETE)
  •   Report Level Security (VIEW,EXPORT,PRINT)

Management Information System

Reports are main objectives of any business process automation and management information system. Due to this importance of reports in Software, SHAZ Micro ERP has variety of reports related to each module. SHAZ Mciro ERP compiles reports in three levels according to requirements and responsibilities of domain users.

  • Transaction Reports
  • Summary Reports
  • Analysis Reports