SLC (Secretarial, Legal & Compliance System)

SLC System is a corporate application developed and supported by Sanisoft Information Technologies. This System will allow its users to access and manage all the secretarial, legal and compliance data through a web interface. It attempts to gather a specific set of documents moving in and out of the corporate environment in a central intelligent repository. This system provides necessary support for keeping the documents up-to-date, like sending alert messages to responsible personnel. The client’s secretarial, legal and compliance (These constitute the acronym SLC) related documents will be saved in the system with their corresponding document activity dates. SLC System performs a nightly walkthrough in the repository to discover any nearing activity dates. If it discovers any, it alerts all the responsible personnel about the occurrence of the situation through email. The system is supposed to drag attention of secretarial, legal and compliance personnel to an upcoming event (Ex: Expiration of contract) and thereby helping them to take necessary actions.

Prominent Features

  • Multilingual User Interface
  • Alert Messaging System.
  • Tested to beat SQL injection and script injection attacks.
  • Approval Hierarchy.
  • Data Upload Options.
  • Redesigned web user interface for better usability and precise input validation.
  • Re-engineered and perfectly normalized database structure to ensure faster transactions and enforcement of data integrity.
  • Improvised security model that provides configurable object wise access control.
  • Multiple administrative (Super User) accounts.
  • Encrypted and non recoverable password storage mechanism to avoid the risk of password stealing.
  • No persistent cookie support and auto log out to ensure high security.
  • Works fine in heterogeneous system environments (There must be at least one Windows Server in the environment)
  • Multiple export formats for output reports (MS Word - *.doc, MS Excel - *.xls, Adobe Acrobat - *.pdf, Rich Text Format - *.rtf, Business Objects CR - *.rpt)
  • Adobe Acrobat based report printing system.
  • Hassle free deployment and configuration using Microsoft Installer (MSI) technology
  • Powered by Microsoft 2.0 web application development platform featuring optimized runtime performance, reliability and availability.

Secretarial Module

Secretarial Module is core module of SLC system which is featured to capture all secretarial information of a company into system. It has provisions to capture all data along with facility to upload all required documents related to each business entity. Mainly here, Constitutional, Managerial, Capital, Creditors, Agents, Financial and other Secretarial detail of a company is captured using this module. A brief features list about each information category is mentioned below.

  •  Constitutional Data
    • Company Information
    • Incroporation Details
    • Trade License Details
    • Registered Offices Detai
  •  Management Details
    • Personnel Information
    • Personnel & Relatives interest
    • Board meeting
    • Offices Information
  • Capital
    • Authorized
    • Issued
    • Paid-Up Capital
    • Shares Management (Issue, Transfer and Bonus Shares and Splitting & Consolidation)
    • Duplicate Share Certificate
    • Shareholders Management
  • Creditors
    • Creditors Management
    • Issue and Transfer Units (Debenture or Bonds) to Creditors
  • Registered Agents & Attornies
    • Registered Agents
    • Registered Attornies managemen
  • Financial Information
    • Accounting Years
    • Banks management.
  • Other secretarial matters
    • Documents like Reports
    • Forms Management
    • MOA Addendum

Legal Module

Legal module of SLC system has provisions to record and manage the information about legal matters and documents of a company. Mainly using this module, information about Legal Disputes, Show-Cause notices, Trademarks and Law Firms associated with company is captured. A brief breakdown of information which is captured under this module is mentioned below.

  •  Disputes
    • Complaints
    • Legal Notices
    • Court Cases management
  •  Show Cause Notices
  • Trademark information
  • Associated Law Firms


Compliance Module consists of all options required to manage the company’s information related to its own and external associated entities laws, recommendations and procedures. A brief breakdown of information which is captured under this module is mentioned below.

  •  Contracts/Agreements
    • Contracts Basic information
    • Companies Law
    • Tax Laws
    • Financial Compliance
    • Imagaration Labour Laws
    • Other Laws.
    • Other Compliance
    • Extentions/Renewal
    • Termination and Disputes
  •  Statutory
    • Companies Law
    • Imagaration Labour Laws
    • Other Laws
    • Imagaration Labour Laws
    • Other Laws.