Train Track Pro

TrainTrackPro, training management solution is a unique sanisoft product that has a plenty of successful installations all over the world. It helps you to plan, schedule, and manage training process in your enterprise. This product is targeted at large enterprises having their own training divisions. It generates a host of reports based on all criteria u can think about and more. It is available in two convenient formats. As a windows application and as a web based application. TrainTrackPro is available only for Microsoft Windows platform right now and we've already started the development of its Linux version. Multilingual versions of TrainTrackPro are currently under beta testing.

Prominent Features

  • Precise training schedule conflict detection system. It even helps you to figure out what caused the conflict and which schedule is in conflict.
  • Improvised remainder/scheduling system for training programs that needs periodic refreshment.
  • Tested to beat SQL injection and script injection attacks.
  • Redesigned web user interface for better usability and precise input validation.
  • Re-engineered and perfectly normalized database structure to ensure faster transactions and enforcement of data integrity.
  • Improvised security model that provides configurable object wise access control.
  • Multiple administrative (Super User) accounts.
  • Encrypted and non recoverable password storage mechanism to avoid the risk of password stealing.
  • Account lockout and password reset features.
  • No persistent cookie support and auto log out to ensure high security.
  • Works fine in heterogeneous system environments (There must be at least one Windows Server in the environment).
  • Accessibility through the internet (Server must be connected to the WWW).
  • As TTP resides on an application server; workstations added to your network can access the system without any additional software component installation.
  • Guaranteed cross browser compatibility (Cookie and JavaScript support are essential).
  • Multiple export formats for output reports (MS Word - *.doc, MS Excel - *.xls, Adobe Acrobat - *.pdf, Rich Text Format - *.rtf, Business Objects CR - *.rpt)
  • Adobe Acrobat based report printing system.
  • Hassle free deployment and configuration using Microsoft Installer (MSI) technology.
  • Highly reduced client side resource consumption as TTP performs most operations on the application server.
  • Powered by Microsoft 2.0 web application development platform featuring optimized runtime performance, reliability and availability.
  • Optional support for access through mobile devices like PDAs and Mobile phones.

Business Objects Management Module

Business Object Management Module covers all features required to manage all business objects(Masters) in system. TrainTrackPro is designed and developed to deal all business processes with real time approach so accordingly it gives provision to user to define all masters in system those are involved in Enterprise Training Management like Employees, Departments, Trainers and Courses etc are key examples of masters. Few most important masters are briefly listed here.

  •  Employees Management
  •  Countries Management
  •  Qualifications Masters
  •   Departments and Sections
  •  Courses Management
  •  Trainers Profiles
  •  Training Rooms

Training Mangement Module

Training Management Module provides all provisions to user needed to execute and monitor all business transactions and processes. Training Schedules Management, Training Costing, Timing Conflicts Detections and Automated Course Refreshment Reminder etc are key features of this module.

  •  Training Schedule
  •  Training Status Management
  •  Automated Conflict Detection System
  •   Automated Course Refreshment Reminder
  •  Training Costing

Security and Maintenance

The security module defines the high level security to the system. Permissions are granted to user with layered approach and accordingly user is allowed to access and use features of system.

  •  Super Users
  •  Limited Users
  •  Transaction Level Security (VIEW,ADD,MODIFY,DELETE)
  •   Report Level Security (VIEW,EXPORT,PRINT)

Management Information System (MIS) Module

Reports are main objectives of any business process automation and management information system. Due to this importance of reports in Software, TrainTrackPro has variety of reports related to each module. TrainTrackPro compiles reports in three levels according to requirements and responsibilities of domain users.

  • Master Reports
  • Transaction Reports
  • Analysis Reports