AWS Certified Developer – Associate​ Training

Course code: ACDA

Exam Code: DVA-CO1

Duration: 40 Hours

This course covers all the objectives needed to develop application with Amazon Web Services. You will learn how to develop, deploy and debug cloud-based applications using AWS. Although this course will prepare you to take the AWS Developer Associate Certification exam, it also teaches you practical, hands-on skills for successfully developing with AWS. By the end of this course, you will have mastery and experience with all of the major services in AWS.

  • Developing applications to run on EC2
  • Storing and retrieving assets from S3
  • Storing data in DynamoDB and RDS
  • Routing with Route 53
  • Architecting Serverless applications with AWS Lambda
  • Building APIs with API Gateway
  • Monitoring application performance with CloudWatch and X-Ray
  • Authentication and Authorization with IAM
  • Application messaging with Kinesis and SQS
  • Sending notifications with SNS
  • Creating resources with CloudFormation
  • Caching data in ElastiCache
  • Edging assets in CloudFront
Target Audience
  • Existing developers, Systems Engineers, SysOps Engineers, DevOPs Engineers, Architects
  • People interested in hosting highly scaleable, fault tolerant applications on the AWS cloud
  • AWS absolute beginners. No prior AWS experience necessary
  • Existing developers
  • People interested in hosting highly scaleable, fault tolerant applications on the AWS cloud.

1.1 Deploy written code in AWS using existing CI/CD pipelines, processes, and patterns.

1.2 Deploy applications using Elastic Beanstalk.

1.3 Prepare the application deployment package to be deployed to AWS.

1.4 Deploy serverless applications.

2.1 Make authenticated calls to AWS services.

2.2 Implement encryption using AWS services.

2.3 Implement application authentication and authorization.

3.1 Write code for serverless applications.

3.2 Translate functional requirements into application design.

3.3 Implement application design into application code.

3.4 Write code that interacts with AWS services by using APIs, SDKs, and AWS CLI.

4.1 Optimize application to best use AWS services and features.

4.2 Migrate existing application code to run on AWS.

5.1 Write code that can be monitored.

5.2 Perform root cause analysis on faults found in testing or production.

  • There are no prerequisites for this path besides a general understanding of how to develop web applications.
  • Knowledge of at least 1 programming language (Php, Python, Ruby etc) is advantageous but not strictly required

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