Citrix NetScaler for Apps and Desktops (CNS-222)

Course code: CNS-222

Exam Code: CNS-222

Duration: 40 Hours

In this training course, you will learn the skills required for implementing NetScaler components including secure load balancing, high availability, and NetScaler management. You will also learn how to configure your NetScaler environments to address traffic delivery and management requirements including load balancing, availability, and NetScaler operation management.

Additionally, you will learn the skills required to configure and manage NetScaler Gateway and Unified Gateway features, including how to implement Gateway components including NetScaler Gateway and Unified Gateway. Upon completion of this course, you will be able to configure your NetScaler environments to address remote access requirements for apps and desktops. 

  • Functionality and capabilities of the NetScaler
  • Basic NetScaler network architecture
  • How SSL is used to secure the NetScaler
  • Configure authentication and authorization
  • Integrate NetScaler Gateway with XenApp and XenDesktop
  • Integrate Unified Gateway with additional resources
  • Tools and techniques to troubleshoot common NetScaler Gateway network and connectivity issues
Target Audience
  • IT professionals.
  • Systems engineers.
  • Server administrators.
  • Citrix Partners who need to know how to deploy a XenMobile Enterprise solution.

⦁ Local Load Balancing concepts
⦁ Naming conventions
⦁ Persistence
⦁ Service Types
⦁ LB Methods
⦁ Disabling Entities
⦁ Diagnostics/Troubleshooting
⦁ L4 vs L7 for TCP services
⦁ UDP ping vs L7
⦁ Monitor attributes
⦁ Built in L7 monitors
⦁ Monitors from Scripts
⦁ EAV Monitors
⦁ ECV Monitors
⦁ DataStream

⦁ SSL and TLS
⦁ SSL Session Process
⦁ SSL Administration
⦁ SSL Offload Overview
⦁ SSL Attacks Overview
⦁ SSL Troubleshooting
⦁ Cipher Suites
⦁ Certificate Management
⦁ Feature and Benefits
⦁ Offload Performance
⦁ Deployment Scenarios
⦁ Citrix Recommendations for SSL

⦁ NetScaler Communication Ports
⦁ Overview of AAA
⦁ Authentication on the NetScaler
⦁ NetScaler Users
⦁ Command Policies
⦁ Admin Partitions

⦁ Monitoring Needs
⦁ NetScaler Log Management
⦁ Simple Network Management Protocol
⦁ AppFlow on the NetScaler System
⦁ NetScaler Insight Overview
⦁ NetScaler Command Center Overview
⦁ Network Traffic Capture using NSTRACE
⦁ Troubleshooting with Filter Expression
⦁ Decoding SSL Traffic with Wireshark
⦁ Display NetScaler System Information

⦁ System and AAA Users Groups
⦁ External Authentication
⦁ Authentication Actions and Policies
⦁ Authentication Configuration
⦁ Supported Authentication Types

⦁ Endpoint Analysis
⦁ Policy, Profiles, and Expressions
⦁ Pre-Authentication Policies and Profiles
⦁ Post-Authentication Policies
⦁ Endpoint Analysis Troubleshooting

⦁ Connection Methods
⦁ Endpoint Session Policies Settings
⦁ Timeout Settings
⦁ RDP Proxy
⦁ Clientless Access
⦁ VLAN Options

⦁ SSL Offload Overview
⦁ Traffic Types
⦁ Ldap, HDX, StoreFront Load Balancing
⦁ Extended Content Verification (ECV) Monitoring

⦁ Required Firewall Rules
⦁ Web Interface or StoreFront Integration with NetScaler Gateway
⦁ WebFront Overview
⦁ Session Policies

⦁ NetScaler Unified Gateway Overview
⦁ NetScaler Unified Gateway Reference Architecture Review
⦁ Unified Gateway Key Features
⦁ Unified Gateway Topologie

  • A basic understanding of networking
  • Windows and Linux Server administration experience
  • Experience with Citrix virtualization technologies such as XenDesktop and XenApp
  • Experience with Microsoft SQL Server or enterprise database servers
  • Experience with Active Directory and group policy
  • A basic understanding of Microsoft Remote Desktop Services
  • A basic understanding of VPN concepts 

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