Deploying Enterprise Mobility Solutions with Citrix Endpoint Management

Course code: CXD-303

Exam Code: CXD-303

Duration: 40 Hours

Begin your enterprise mobility management (EMM) journey with this five-day introduction to Citrix Endpoint Management.
You will learn how to stand up a highly available Endpoint Management deployment and conduct initial configurations.
Delve into the Citrix Endpoint Management architecture and explore the many device and application management options to address your enterprise mobility needs.

In this course you will gain the skills and understanding needed to deploy key components.
You will also learn how to integrate Citrix Endpoint Management with other Citrix technologies such as Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops, Citrix ADC, and Citrix Content Collaboration.

Take a tour of the Citrix Secure applications available and learn about your device enrollment and troubleshooting options.


1. How to deploy Endpoint Management Enterprise end-to-end architecture and identify each component in the solution for the specific use case
2. Understand Endpoint Management authentication options including PKI “certificate-based authentication”
3. How to install mobile applications: MDX, Web & SaaS, Web Link, Public App Store Enterprise Apps
4. How to integrate with Citrix Gateway, Load Balancing, SSL Tunneling microVPN (mVPN), and SSL Bridge

Target Audience

Built for IT Professionals interested in learning how to implement Citrix Endpoint Management features using leading practices. Potential students include Administrators, Implementers/Engineers, and Architects.

  • Enterprise Mobility Management Overview
  • Citrix Endpoint Management – New Features
  • Citrix Endpoint Management Benefits Overview
  • Introduction to Endpoint Management Editions
  • Citrix Endpoint Management Server Architecture
  • Citrix Endpoint Management Traffic Flow
  • Citrix Endpoint Management Cloud
  • Azure Connectivity
  • Cloud Connectors in Azure
  • Creating XenApp and XenDesktop Host Connections to Azure
  • Endpoint Management Web Console
  • Initial Configuration (Certificates, Authentication,Citrix ADC integration)
  • Delivery Groups
  • Role Based Access Control
  • Notification Server
  • Release Management
  • StoreFront Locations
  • NetScaler Locations
  • Multiple XenApp and XenDesktop Zones in Azure Regions
  • Citrix ADC Overview
  • Endpoint Management Monitoring
  • External Authentication NetScaler – Endpoint Management Wizard Overview
  • Citrix ADC Overview – Citrix Endpoint Management Policies Overview
  • MDM Policies Overview
  • Mobile Platform Capability Overview
  • Key Device Policies (Passcode, Location, Credentials)
  • App Restrictions
  • Policy Deployment Rules
  • MDX Container Technology
  • MDX App Interaction
  • Key App Container Policies (Interaction, Restrictions, Network, )
  • App Types (Public, SaaS, Web, Public, Enterprise)
  • App Categories
  • Mobile Device Enrollment Overview
  • Enrollment Ports
  • iOS Device Enrollment
  • Android Device Enrollment
  • Windows Device Enrollment Overview
  • Device Management
  • Secure Mail Features and Use
  • Secure Web Features and Use
  • ShareConnect Features
  • QuickEdit and Secure Tasks Overview
  • Application Geofence
  • Shared Devices
  • XenApp and XenDesktop Overview
  • Citrix Endpoint Management – Citrix Virtual Apps and
  • Desktops Integration Architecture
  • Citrix Endpoint Management – StoreFront Integration
  • Citrix Endpoint Management
  • Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops User Experience
  • Content Collaboration Overview
  • Citrix Endpoint Management – Content Collaboration Integration
  • Content Collaboration StorageZones
  • Federated Authentication with SAML
  • Client Certificate Authentication
  • User Certificates
  • Importing Client Certificate into Endpoint Management Server
  • Endpoint Management Server PKI Configuration
  • Client Certificate Citrix ADC Integration

⦁ Endpoint Management Diagnostics
⦁ Log Operations
⦁ Support Bundles
⦁ Support Pages
⦁ Troubleshooting Tools


Citrix recommends students prepare for this course by taking: Endpoint Management Introduction eLearning bundle and have basic experience with Mobile Devices and Apps, Windows Server administration, Enterprise File Sharing and Sync, Virtual Apps and Desktops, Microsoft SQL Server, Active Directory and Group Policy, and Networking including VPN concepts, SSL encryption and certificates.

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