CND – Certified Network Defender

Course code: SS4935

Exam Code: 312-38

Duration: 40 Hours

EC-Council has reviewed the entire CND space as designated by the Department of Defense as IAT I, II, III and IAM I, II, III as well as the NICE Framework KSA’s as they relate to cyber defense and day-to-day cyber operations. With each of these considered, they built their  exam blueprint, overall training scope, and got to work building the next certification we believe will be a game changer for cyber security professionals – Certified Network Defender. 

The class is a professional level introduction to the cyber defense strategies needed in today’s critical infrastructure.

  • System administrators
  • System engineers
  • Firewall administrators
  • Network managers
  • IT managers
  • IT professionals
  • Anyone interested in network security technologies
  • Managers who want to understand cyber security core principles and practices
  • Operations personnel, who although do not have security as their primary job function, will need an understanding of cyber security core principles and practices 
Target Audience
  • Network Administrators
  • Network security Administrators
  • Network Security Engineer
  • Network Defense Technicians
  • CND Analyst
  • Security Analyst
  • Security Operator
  • Anyone who involves in network operations
  1. Computer Network Defense Fundamentals
  2. Network Security Threats, Vulnerabilities, and Attacks
  3. Network Security Controls, Protocols, and Perimeter Appliances
  4. Secure Firewall Configuration, Deployment and Management
  5. Secure IDS Configuration and Management
  6. Secure VPN Configuration and Management
  7. Designing a Secure Network
  8. Network Traffic Signatures and Analysis
  9. Monitoring and Securing Network Traffic
  10. Network Vulnerability Scanning
  11. Host/System Security
  12. Physical Security
  13. Designing and Implementation of Network Security Policies
  14. Network Incident Response and Management
  15. Network Backup and Disaster Recovery
  16. Wireless Network Defense

You should be well-versed in cyber security fundamentals.

  •  Cybersecurity Foundations
  • CompTIA Security+ Certification Prep Course

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